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View Diary: Watching Maddow's "Hubris: Selling the Iraq War" (189 comments)

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    Maddow is good at packing facts into an hour show with commercials.  I liked that she began with the lie Johnson told to get us into Vietnam.  The pattern is clear from Johnson to Bush that the US was empire building and using lies to do it.  It worked for at least half the country who still believe those lies and would encourage attacking Iran today if Romney had won.  Another point Maddow made somewhere on another show was that the invaders (Bush/Cheney and US) had maps showing they would have gone on through Syria and Lebanon to attack Iran back then.  Why did they take out Iraq, the major barrier for the Saudi's as protection from Iran?  They left their best friends the Saudi's vulnerable especially now the area is quaking with revolutions.  That part perhaps could be called stupid.  They thought they would be out in months instead of years.
    Never underestimate the power of the cartel that run the US.  In the past ten years they took out 22 Trillion through the heist from Wall Street.  Iraq is 3 Trillion for what was called a Hoax, but they lost more than that we know.  There is no difference between fascism here and what was going on in Germany before WWII.  Bush's family were financing Germany too and earning a profit.
    Forget Maddow's credentials.  We, those who think we live in a democracy, need to be vigilant.  We could have President Romney now and he would be moving fast to go into Iran.

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