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View Diary: TRIGGER WARNING: Reading this post will give you nightmares (256 comments)

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  •  OMFG (5+ / 0-)

    I have 2 disabled kids, and was reduced to sobs reading that.
    I could only think...If it was my kids, Dohmer would be shown to be an amateur.

    •  >: (6+ / 0-)

      I feel for you.
      I think  what we can take from this is when we see something questionable as many people did this incident, we figure out a way to somehow take action in the moment even if one has to be very careful. Not a single person figured out a way, it seemed. I didn't see any attempts. (though it might have felt really threatening)

      Ironically as a woman I'd might have had more luck (less of a threat especially to ego) approaching the cops meekly and saying "I'm a nurse, I really think he might not be able to breathe, please listen to me...this might be going bad".

      The officers really didnt' seem to be out of control emotionally during the brunt of it. That's kinda scary on it's if they thought all along they were doing right.

      I've heard of parents of disabled teens taking their kid to police station and introducing him so they know him. abd know the parents in advance of any issues. So if some incident happened  one officer would know...hey that's Jimmy he's harmless. This would work only in a small town though.

      •  There is another diary about a disabled person, (5+ / 0-)

        Dead at the hands of police.  To think I spent the last 20 odd years working to make sure they (my kids) are included in the community, but now it seems the biggest threat to them is the police?!?

        Anger, rage all have welled up, as if it was happening to them.  My most disabled son, cannot go alone into the community, but it seems an aide isn't protection.  Maybe teaching the aide to say, his father's rich, touch him and you're toast would work best....

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