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View Diary: Mark Sanford: I didn't spend a DIME of taxpayer money on the Appalachian Trail! (55 comments)

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  •  I hope his defeat is ignominious (1+ / 0-)
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    This POS destroyed his family, torched the trust of his constituents, and sullied the image of the Appalachian Trail (which is a great national resource) and hikers in general. And now he wants everyone to forgive him because he "made some mistakes."

    IIRC, his wife very publicly rejected him when the truth came out, saying things like "I don't want him in my house or near our sons." It seems to me that the good voters of South Carolina should follow her example. Toss the snake out!

    •  He didn't destroy his family (0+ / 0-)

      only his place in it. From everything I've seen, Jenny Sanford is likely doing a fine job with her differently-configured family.

      I suppose Sanford wants the job so he can afford to pay higher child support, just like Joe Walsh?

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