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View Diary: This Chuck Hagel thing is pretty stupid - but you knew that (3 comments)

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    the CW that he was unprepared is BS.  I watched live and thought he did fine, and made the GOP look like wining little children.

    Exactly what was he supposed to do?  They knew the GOP would come loaded for bear, ready to grandstand.  Being combative worked for Hillary, in her recent hearings because she wasn't facing a confirmation.  Kerry had broad support, and the Susan Rice fiasco actually helped him.

    The best strategy for Hagel was to be professional, stay even-keeled, and don't lose his temper.  That had to be the plan going in and he executed.  Their was word before the hearings that he was working very hard at prep, and I think it showed.

    They were baiting him and he was smart and didn't take the bait.

    I thought his performance was close to flawless.  The GOP assholes wanted a fight and he wouldn't give them one, and soon, he will be confirmed.

    Nice try Lindsey, but you FAILED.

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