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View Diary: The Many Problems with Maddow's "Hubris" (190 comments)

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  •  Yes, it's misleading, and by accident? (2+ / 0-)
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    Capt Crunch, renbear

    Because the diarist likely knows very well a diary titled "A Lot of Stuff They Should Have Added to Hubris" wouldn't get nearly as many reads as a diary title that draws people in to read about all the "many things" that Maddow got wrong in the hour long special.

    Which "many things" equaled zero, as it turns out.

    I wouldn't have clicked on a diary that was honestly titled and had this content.  I've read it all before.

    I did click a diary that was supposedly going to point out all the things Maddow got wrong, because THAT was a subject I haven't heard all before.

    *The administration has done virtually nothing designed to reward its partisans. - Kos 8/31/10*

    by Rick Aucoin on Tue Feb 19, 2013 at 03:20:10 PM PST

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    •  Benefit of the doubt (2+ / 0-)
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      Rick Aucoin, renbear

      I don't know the diarist's work so it's benefit of the doubt time for me.
      I thought it might be an excuse for an attack on Maddow -- but I didn't see anything like that in he diary.
      Maybe the diarist is really passionate about this subject and felt  like the show was deficient in a BIG way.
      To me that would be naive. It's just about 45 min of airtime and there was a lot of ground to cover.
      And I was glad to see this information presented on a widely viewed cable station. I would prefer it to be on NBC instead of MSNBC to garner greater ratings but what the hey.
      I hope the diarist doesn't always use these HuffPo style headlines because that would be a real pattern.
      But I've had to deal with MUCH WORSE stuff in comments - people HR'ing me cause they know I'm pretty much defenseless - that kind of stuff.
      So, the fact that it's not an unsubstantiated hit piece on Maddow and there is some really good information in the diary makes me just point out my problem with the headline and hope the diarist will think about it.

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