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    Bottom line:  We took out the enemy of our enemies.  Sun Tzu is laughing under Chinese soil at such a biblically epic strategic flop!  There was never an Al Qaeda in Iraq until we invited them in.  Iran was never so empowered, doing all kinds of bold shit:  holding Holocaust denial conferences, threatening nukes, threatening to blockade the Strait of Hormuz…once their counterweight in the region was gone.  And we are totally responsible.  I’m not saying that Bush and his braintrust set out to help Iran, but the fact is we couldn’t have helped Iran more if we actually had it as our goal to help them.  Meanwhile we very noisily led up to the damn invasion for 18 months, and after all that we weren’t even prepared.  We had a victory celebration after about a week of invading, before the real bloodshed started.  We didn’t secure the cities or munitions.  The Iraqi oil, in a pipe dream; or rather, a pipe lie, was supposed to pay for the war, making it a freebie for the American taxpayer.  Hell, there were rebels torching the oilfields just to keep them out of our American hands.  

    We used to preach from a higher moral ground than our enemy.  Like our freedom, it wasn’t all an illusion.  We never invaded sovereign nations, and we treated our prisoners better than they treated us.  Our enemy:  he was the savage.  We were above that.  Now, the only enemy we can legitimately look down on are people that put skulls on sticks.

    ‘Iraq has to be the worst foreign policy decision in our history…that, and Vietnam!’  I was adamant about Iraq.  I had been even before I reeducated myself these last few months.  Anybody with a brain could see through the bullshit, and to call that a necessary war is nothing but a revisionist lie.  I went on:  ‘Al Qaeda and Sadaam were sworn enemies.  It’s obvious.  Why would a dictator want that kind of trouble in his borders?  He would never!  He was a lot of bad things, but he wasn’t stupid.  Think about it:  He kept his power, kept control, in an incredibly hostile region for many years.  We’re learning how tough it is to control things over there.  Sadaam stuck out his chest, he claimed he had all kinds of nasty weapons to keep Iran at bay.  Iran’s not so easy to deal with, is it?  We killed the fucking babysitter, and now we’re stuck watching over the damned kids!’

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    by Floyd Blue on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 05:18:11 AM PST

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