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View Diary: Republicans throw pity party for Richard 'Rape babies are a gift from God' Mourdock (33 comments)

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  •  For many, they've been coddled and protected (12+ / 0-)

    from responsibility their whole lives.  They can't put themselves in other people's shoes because they have absolutely no idea how those other people live.  GW Bush (as an example) could come up with no regrets about his whole presidency.  He's been coddled his whole life because of his family's wealth and power.  He's been surrounded by "yes" men and women who would fall on their own swords before leveling even the slightest bit of criticism of their meal ticket.  Don't forget the lawyer that Cheney shot taking the responsibility for Cheney's recklessness.

    They've never been forced to take responsibility so why should we think they'd do so now?

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