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View Diary: Walker drops bomb #2, this time on Wisconsin's private sector unions (165 comments)

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  •  The party fucked up, big time (0+ / 0-)

    And the grassroots fucked up in taking the electoral route.  They lost, for as hard as they tried, and they tried very hard.  But this wasn't a matter of a fair fight in any sense of the imagination.  The Wisconsin democratic party should be purged of the idiots who failed to do any of the things you mention.

    Here is the dirty little secret.  Union demonization has been a broad success.  And way to many Democrats by into it, to their own detriment.   When national dems and state dems decide to focus it on a man, instead of promoting unions, this is the result.
    On the flip side, unions are so worried about public opinion that they refuse to take effective action.  As long as they refuse to use the only real power they have they'll keep losing.

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