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View Diary: Updated x2 - CNBC/CNN put Tesla to the Test. NY Times Fails. (230 comments)

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  •  When EV's are more prevalent, I can see that AAA (0+ / 0-)

    service trucks will have on board a battery booster that will get you to the nearest charging station.

    Life may select the picture, but you choose the frame.

    by sea note on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 10:40:49 AM PST

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    •  I wonder what it would cost (0+ / 0-)

      for these cars to come equipped with an emergency battery with just enough juice to either get it off the freeway or to a charging station. It might require a electronic switch up front or a manual connection to take over the electronics of the car from the main power source.

      Retaining it's power might be done through solar or other means. The goal would be that the drive would only have to use it when it was needed and not have to charge it frequently as batteries that aren't use tend to lose their charge. If they charge overnight then maybe a portion of that goes to the emergency battery.

      Some would say why would we need it in the first place. Because electronic calculations of mileage remaining are only as good as the software, the battery, the monitoring of road conditions and traffic plus time between recharges.

      The Telsa may be close to dead accurate as possible but at that price point it's not going to sell nearly as many as one in the $15,000 range that are being planned now.

      It would be the battery equivalent of the small spare tire that gets about 50 miles.

      That might be a profitable third party add-on if enough cars make it on the road and the manufacturers agree to a  universal interface with the emergency battery as an option or leaving the interface and the space around it easy for a third party battery to hook up to it. I don't know if they have it right now. But I do know the Leafs and at least one other car was recently rated as having the worse resale value. Range anxiety , like anything new is going to keep people away from buying e-cars unless of course Apple makes one.  

      Hey....137B in cash. My guess is they'll wait until it's at 200B and build a worldwide wireless carrier of their own with the latest and greatest equipment since the adaptation of smart phones and pads are limited by the unreal cost of the monthly bills that go with them and the credit rating of the person buying it.  But in the interim, they could use 50B or so to build a small car company and do a iCar. All electric, all wireless, white or Black, sleek as hell. The Apple logo on the front grill.


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