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View Diary: Pres. Obama's Big Oil host has history of war profiteering, discrimination (Updated/Action) (284 comments)

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  •  I don't think (2+ / 0-)
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    Words In Action, Don midwest

    it has anything to do with future careers.  More about opportunities and profits would be my guess.  

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 07:18:00 PM PST

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    •  So, I guess the President is against hiring black (0+ / 0-)

      folk too....   Guilt by association of the most ridiculous and hysterical kind.

      •  Where the heck (1+ / 0-)
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        Don midwest

        did you get that crazy conclusion?

        My comment - I think it's about profit and opportunities -- as in, their connection was more likely to be about business -- the oil and gas business -- profit and opportunity in the oil and gas business.

        "Justice is a commodity"

        by joanneleon on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 11:31:38 PM PST

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        •  Your entire diary is based on the suggestion that (0+ / 0-)

          if the President is playing gulf with this individual then he must be a bird of a feather flocking together.

          You spoke of oil connections, and then you made a concerted effort to lay out a case that this individual has issues with African Americans. Maybe he does, I don’t know. But, if you didn’t want to suggest that the President is hanging out with bigots, why would you mention it? .... And if we are to accept your implied suggestion that Obama is with an oil man so he must be colluding with big oil, why shouldn't we make the same leap of logic that if Obama is with a bigot then he must be colluding with bigots?  

          Don't act surprised when we are following your own nonsensical construction to its own ridiculous conclusion. Where the heck did I get that you say?

          By the way, I just would like to add for the record that no President has done more for the environment than President  Obama.

          Under this President's watch we have more than doubled production of renewable energy from wind and solar, while investing in over 15,000 clean energy projects across the country.

          President Obama has enacted the largest expansion of wilderness protection in a generation, and established the country’s first comprehensive ocean policy, supporting tens of millions of jobs and ensuring that more of our nation’s outdoor heritage can be enjoyed by future generations.

          What a destroyer of the environment this Obama is. I would love for you to tell me which President has done as much, but I won't hold my breath on this one.

          •  Opposite (1+ / 0-)
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            Don midwest

            It's the opposite.  I'm baffled wondering why he would want to hang out with this guy.  It makes no sense.

            I would say the same of a female president who hung out with this guy since he discriminated against women in several ways, refusing to hire women of a certain age, telling his staff not to promote women, and paying women less than men who did the same job.

            Can you tell me why the president would want to hang out with this guy?  I'd really like to know.  Maybe you could shed some light on it.  

            That being said, you've clearly created some bizarre interpretation and I think it's clear that we are not going to agree.  

            Have you finished what you wanted to say or are you going to go through and litter this diary with hostile comments?  If so, it would be a better idea to go and write your own.  If you can debate other commenters here without throwing insults, fine. Otherwise, the "write your own diary" is probably a better course.

            "Justice is a commodity"

            by joanneleon on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 12:31:08 AM PST

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            •  Why ask me? You know the answer, right? (0+ / 0-)

              By the way, if you would like me to stop responding in your diary I think it would help to stop asking me to respond to questions that you are not prepared to hear the answer to.

              •  It was a rhetorical question (1+ / 0-)
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                Don midwest

                really. But I agree. Good idea.  No more questions.  I think there is one thing we can agree on and that is that we're not going to agree on a lot :) Which is cool, as long as it's done with some measure of respect and I felt that boundary was passed and not likely to return.  It's three hours past my bedtime anyway and I have to be up in two hours to see my kids off to school.  Goodnight.

                "Justice is a commodity"

                by joanneleon on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 12:58:38 AM PST

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