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  •  What is interesting to me about them. (2+ / 0-)
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    LordMike, SilentBrook

    Is no amount of reason or facts will sway them.

    For instance they all believe our economy will collapse.

    This one guy said that if  people were confident about  the US and the US dollar then gold wouldn't be going up.

    I pointed out that gold is going down right now and that even at very low interest rates people are buying gov't bonds.

    Refused to accept it.

    Tell them the deficit has gone down under Obama and they will either refuse to believe you or switch to talking about the debt instead.

    I am willing to say there is waste in gov't and there are things that can be cut.  I'm even willing to say that in the late 70's early 80's that wages and gov't spending were driving up the interest rate and hurting us with inflation.

    However they are unwilling to admit ANY role of gov't in society.

    The sad part is in order to build a majority the elements in the GOP that actually knew better created these people and now they are going to bring their own party down.

    As much as a lot of us think the DLC went too far, it did show that Democrats were able to break past their ideology and embraced ideas that were either popular at the time or actually needed to straighten up the economy.

    However while there is some movement in that direction by the old country club republicans, the people in the lower and middle classes they duped into voting against their own interests are now the majority and unstoppable.

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