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View Diary: *New Day* A 19th Century massacre gets a 21st Century whitewash (193 comments)

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    I learned about the massacre only because I had a keen interest in Native American culture that led me to books like those of Mari Sandoz, who wrote about the US government's abuses of tribes and its own people. "Anyone found embarrassing to the powers in high places," she wrote in a letter,"could always be sent to the Indian country, where he might conveniently disappear."

    Capt. Nichols is not the only U.S. Army participant with  living relatives who care about this issue. Capt. Silas Soule and I are cousins, with much in common. Both of us, in service of the federal government, tried to treat Native Americans fairly and refused to participate in wrongdoing. In both cases (as in countless others), the government responded by covering up the truth. As you mentioned, Capt. Soule was forever silenced soon after his courtroom testimony. It's also noteworthy that the official report on Sand Creek excluded Silas' testimony.

    I would be glad to write a letter in support of telling the truth about Sand Creek.  Just let me know who to write.

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