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View Diary: Dying Tea Party Defends Right to Ride Manatees (118 comments)

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  •  The background to this story (5+ / 0-)

    It might worth updating the diary to better highlight what precipitated this story.

    As the Jon Stewart video briefly mentions at 1:13 mark, a woman was photographed who did ride a manatee.  She did so innocently without awareness of state laws against "annoying" manatees. (A lot of people were / are unaware of the law.) There wasn't even a law against riding them, so 'annoying' is a pretty subjective term.  When the photo came to light, she identified herself.  

    The incident took a bad turn when the sheriff chose to go to her workplace and arrest her for the 2nd degree misdemeanor.   She didn't deserve that.  

    Footnote:  I've been on the beach where this woman rode the manatee, and have had a manatee come up to me in the shallow water and brush against my legs.  Very docile.  It would be very easy to consider laying on its'd be like laying across the back of a cow (not that I've done that either, heh).  

    I would have an unambiguous law against approaching, touching, or feeding manatees.   Beautiful to watch, but they don't need us to touch them.

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