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View Diary: Will Obamcare or Romneycare actually work? (43 comments)

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    I think its a good piece of legislation, but it really needs to be ironed out and there is no way that can be least right the Federal level.  Getting everyone together up top at the Federal level and then getting all the people together at the State level...impossible.

    There will be parts of the legislation which will keep operating just like car with a noise keeps operating until it doesnt.  

    So the only way to make a great piece of legislation work is for everyone to hold hands around the fire singing Kumbaya...and that is if you consider Mitt Romney's work in Mass to be great.  

    Its kind of funny the relationship between Mitt Romney and Obamacare.  He authored this legislation and then had to argue against it.  Its not a bad piece of legislation, but it probably needs about 5-10 years of ironing to really get it to work in the way of controlling costs and other kinks.

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