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  •  Every day I'm increasingly amazed (10+ / 0-)

    at the ignorance and stupidity demonstrated by right-flank friends of mine on Facebook. They will argue the opposite of what they just said in the next comment.

    Summarizing my most recent encounter, I made the (admittedly intended to annoy) comment regarding Republicans and health care in my home state, Oklahoma, "Well, it's a strongly Republican state and Republicans don't give a rat's ass about anyone after they are born, only before."

    Naturally a Republican chimed in and told me this wasn't true. She told me she had left the Democratic party due to it's poor morals, then told a story about her mother being turned out of the hospital by Medicare and dying. I sympathized and told her that my morals dictated that we all need quality universal health care.

    She responded with the following, which proved my initial point. Naturally she just didn't get it:

    "That thing free healthcare for everyone just isn't going to happen. That's a dream. You don't get something for nothing for long. In North Carolina federal funded hospitals can't turn anyone out for emergency help if they go to the emergency room. They get help and the ones with insurance has to pay for it. That's a fact. They charge us out the yazoo!! Then we have to make payments to pay it off just because we have insurance.Then there are the freeloaders. and trust me they are. They go to the emergency room for colds instead of the Doctor's office. When I said moral ethics I think you know it was about lose sex and aborting babies. He who plays will pay. Obama is lying................. A prayer for this lady that started this status."

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