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View Diary: Republican Sen. Sessions has a 'better message' for screwing over welfare recipients (63 comments)

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  •  Please do write that diary. (0+ / 0-)

    I would love to see it. I've always been a fan of anti-government conspiracy theory. Just as a protip: Don't go racial in it. It won't end well for you.

    Oh and I somehow knew you were going to say you "didn't have any help" in getting out of homelessness and poverty.

    Guess what? You didn't do that on your own.

    1. You developed that financial savvy through information others had provided to you, whether in books or verbally.
    2. Your working class family income and lifestyle (before you turned to cocaine) would have certainly provided you education (delivered by other people) that helps you understand how to use a CD. Taking out the loan and just using the money to repay the loan itself is a very clever strategy for building credit.
    3. do you get a loan without a permanent address? I know have someone help you out with an address or other connection.
    4. You also did not read properly. I specifically said that you did not mention a co-signer. So you were able to keep your credit. Even then...someone at the bank believed that you would pay off that loan, as a homeless person living out of a truck.

    You are amazingly blind to your privileged position. The vast majority of people in situations like you faced can't get out of them. They are usually not lucky enough to be the rare functional coke addict. They certainly don't have the connections to get things like an address (Oh yeah, you can't get employed without a permanent address either...good thing you kept your job).

    And cheers that your new "black fellow" is apparently of similar attitude to you about society and taxes. By the way, there is no such thing as a tax-free society; taxes are what you pay to maintain the jurisdiction.

    But wow, you seem pleasantly surprised "this one" specifically moved to a right-to-work for less state. Why? Do all black folk have the same opinions?

    Good on you for not equating welfare and black, curiously keep bringing up black folk.

    I look forward to your diary.

    •  So wait a minute.... (0+ / 0-)

      I mention the color of a person who has anti tax ideas, almost "T.E.A" like, and you try to make me a racist, after you and your minions here have racist this and racist that all over this place about people with....."T.E.A" ideas! This is hilarious. Do you know how many conservative black folk there are out there? I personally know over a dozen Blacks Against Obama, all T.E.A. members.  

      Trying to make me believe that I had all kinds of help from this person or that entity is also hilarious. I loathe help from others. But!

      No. I thought of that bank/loan credit thing on my own. This was 1984. I was in my early 30's. Interest was high, so was the interest payout.
       Yes, I used my parent's address, which was 50 miles away. It was a major bank, they didn't care. The only help I got from my parents was the address, and they had no clue what I was up to. They had enough of their own struggles.  I always used that address for important things, like my DL. I moved around a lot.
      Yes, I still had a job...and a 1971 GMC with a little camper top. As soon as I saved enough money, I rented the warehouse, at the same time I took out the loan. In 1986 I bought this first home with 5000 down.

      I am going to print out your story about me so I can read it when I have more time, I really only glanced at it and picked out a few things You may have some good points in there, so I don't want to miss a thing.

      I have so much to tell you, about how wrong you people are about self reliance and poor choices, and the real causes of poverty, and how real people act in the real world.  I guess I have a lot of writing to do, stay tuned!

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