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View Diary: Obama Golfs with Oil Execs During XL Protest: The Real Problem (308 comments)

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  •  You have to read between the lines (6+ / 0-)

    whenever you hear Obama speeches. Doug Henwood laid it out quite well with his insightful take on President Obama's State of the Union speech:

    Obama spoke against austerity—"we can’t just cut our way to prosperity," the qualifier "just" being a tipoff that a confidence trick was being perpetrated—but quickly made it clear he wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security, lest, as he put it, "our retirement programs…crowd out the investments we need for our children, and jeopardize the promise of a secure retirement for future generations." In the euphemistic language of Washington, you see, cuts to these popular and successful programs are portrayed as "strengthening" them.

    Obama approvingly dropped the names of Simpson and Bowles, the austerity-minded co-chairs of the deficit reduction commission he created and staffed. He devoted a couple of paragraphs to climate change, which almost sounded like he was taking it seriously—but then celebrated the rise in domestic oil and gas production, which means fracking. He talked about making college debt "sustainable"—but of course he’d never want to make college free, which we could easily afford. He promoted quality education for all, yet touted his Race to the Top program, which is a way to force states to adhere even more passionately to the testing agenda that both parties are in love with, despite its lack of results. And so on.

    “The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.” – Abraham Lincoln

    by Sagebrush Bob on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 05:03:46 AM PST

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