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  •  Right. "Sequestration" is another word for (5+ / 0-)

    rationing.  We already know from long experience that rationing never has the desired result of stretching resources out. Instead, rationing leads to hoarding and hoarding makes the scarece resource even scarcer.

    That's bad enough, but rationing dollars is even worse, for the simple reason that dollars are not scarce.  Quite the opposite, since dollars are a man-made utility, their production is virtually infinite, especially when they are moved from the Treasury to the Federal Reserve with a few strokes on a key-board.

    The question is why does the Congress, which is tasked with managing the currency, persist in pretending that there is not enough money?  The answer, one suspects, is because Congress has traditionally doled out public resources and assets to whomever they can count on to effect their one desideratum, continuation in office. So, now that many natural resources are indeed becoming scarce and the public insists that they be leased, not given outright as grants or gifts, monetary distributions seem like a viable and even preferred alternative. But, if the receipt of money is to be appreciated, it has to be made to appear privileged.  A utility to which everyone has access doesn't look like much of a boon with which to extort votes from the electorate.
    What does seem to work quite well is to threaten various segments of the electorate with a variety of deprivations (no health care for women, no food for children, no water for farmers, no disaster relief funds), so that when the threatened deprivations are rescinded, people will feel grateful, sort of like a dog appreciates not being beaten. It's an abusive pattern and some of the Congress critters have it down pat.
    To the extent that this behavior is designed to keep them in office, these legislators are not unlike the unjust steward in the parable.

    Luke 16:1-13

    Indeed, when some people are relieved of paying their fair share of the public expenses, the legislators who engineer that are just like the unjust steward who wrote down what his master's debtors owed him. Giving away what somebody else owns is fraud. However, as Jesus recognized and which accounts for His tacit acceptance of what happened, when someone has been hired as a steward or agent, he's got a right to act as he thinks best, even if it goes against the master's interest. All the master can do is fire the agent, as the parable relates.

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 09:29:09 AM PST

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