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View Diary: Former Republican senator knocks up fellow senator's daughter. But just the one time! (254 comments)

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    Both Laxalt an Domenici were rabid moralists while in the senate.  Of course, neither of them believed themselves to be required to be moral.  
    Domenici, you are an adulterer.  You not only had a child out of wedlock, but you committed adultery.  That is the real moral lapse.  You cheated on your wife and defied your supposed religion's teachings.  
    Laxalt (albeit already gone and judged) was unable to teach his daughter.  All so sad.

    Of course both of them moralized us to death during Monicagate.  And their hatred of Gay people was legend. But hey, they were too busy hiding adultery from the public.

    BTW the son is blameless. Too bad his father and grandfather were such despicable people.

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