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  •  I'd go with a drama. I'd have a woman (1+ / 0-)
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    direct the film.  

    Possibly Lorraine Levy, for example.  

    Wallin sounds to me as if he'd been extraordinarily effective in his community.  No reason he should not have been.  The 13th Century may still have been in play at The Vatican, but he raised funds that lifted several boats, he seems to have written and delivered insightful sermons in exchange for the attention of his congregants, and he sang beautifully.  

    The subtotal there is impressive.  

    The actor playing Wallin would have to agree to a drastic weight loss.  Lovers seen coming and going at odd hours.  The camera can consider a montage of Wallin's worried face and the subtle peace in the religious statues in the grounds outside.  

    One scene:  historical flashback of nails in the palm of a Roman sentry at Golgotha, then cut to a vile of white dust in the palm of Wallin, late November afternoon, the rectory a realm of brutal silence.  

    Good music can be composed to be a "character" in the film.  Lean piano passages in A minor recorded in a cathedral.

    Yeah, a drama for sure, with a strong view toward consideration of Wallin's humanity.  I'd buy a ticket to such a film and would watch it in hopes that the human Wallin is prevails.  He was said to be running meth.  And his love life would have enraged The Vatican.  If dealing drugs violates the law, an interesting, engaged, and significant human should be figured into the balance.  

    I'd cast Jeremy Irons as Wallin.

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