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  •  Original purpose of congressional recess is good. (2+ / 0-)
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    The intent was NOT that congressional recess was supposed to be a break from their jobs where they don't go into the office and instead go golfing.  The intent was supposed to be that during a recess they're still working, but the office they go to is the home office in their constituency instead of their remote office in D.C.  The intent of the frequent long recesses was to make sure that their primary residence is still at home among their constituents and they are still beholden to their constituents, and only go to Washington temporarily long enough to camp out there in a hotel or apartment for the time required to debate and vote.  (As opposed to moving their primary residence to Washington and living there full time and not listening to the people they represent anymore.)

    While at home this is supposed to be what they're doing:
    1 - publicize among their constituents what some of the issues up for voting in D.C. will be when they go back, so they can get their take on what way the vote should go.
    2 - be available to meet face to face with constituents and hear their complaints and suggestions.
    3 - think about how they'd like to vote on issues they haven't already decided on, spend time doing research if they want to to learn more about what they're about to vote on when they go back.

    Don't get angry at the fact that congress goes on recess just before an important vote.  That's actually what they should do.  Get angry at the fact that too many of them don't spend that recess doing what they're supposed to be doing with it and instead treat it as a vacation.

    If congress members spend all their time in D.C. as a full time job then they become even MORE beholden to P.A.C.'s and lobbyists than they already are because those are the only people they hear from (and thus those groups have the power to control their information).

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