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View Diary: Montana county's GOP chairwoman proves her tea party bona fides with racist watermelon trap post (157 comments)

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  •  The GOP hasn't figured out yet... (1+ / 0-)
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    That the internet is a trap designed for trapping Republicans & TeaBaggers.

    All they need to do is say or post something stupid and it will be all over the web before they can exhale their next breath.

    The Internet Never Forgets!

    Every stupid statement in audio or, video will be reposted out of their control somewhere else... Even behind closed doors it may be secretly recorded... Just like 47%!

    Anything stupid they post in text or, pictures will be cached in internet archives, and no doubt will be screenshot and shared by us tech savvy libruls...

    Delete All You Want! The Internet Never Forgets!

    "Do you realize the responsibility I carry?
    I'm the only person standing between Richard Nixon and the White House."
    ~John F. Kennedy~


    by Oldestsonofasailor on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 02:26:40 PM PST

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