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    The baptism record is different from the confirmation record.
    The baptism says Arne Pedersen was born out of wedlock and his father was Peder Andersen -- and I found a record of Peder Andersen emigrating. Maybe he went to America promising that he'd send for his girlfriend and kid. Maybe he died. Or maybe the pregnant girl lied about who got her pregnant and listed the father as a guy who left the country. Then, when Arne gets confirmed, his father is listed as Peder Arnesen (probably his real father, since Arne would probably be named after his paternal grandfather). And 11 days later, his parents get married. But here's an excerpt from my family tree, with lots of speciulation:

        1766 Baptism: Gunnild was baptized on 24 Aug 1766, so she was probably born sometime earlier in August.  Her parents were Ole Johannessen and Malene Torbiørnsd. from Oldøren.
        Son’s Baptism: Her uægte (illegitimate/bastard) son, Arne (#14), was baptized in June 1793.
        1801 Norway census:  Gunild Olsd. is 35 years old, unmarried, and living at Hellesetter farm in Loen sub-parish in 1447 Indvig in Sogn og Fjordane.  Also listed are her parents (ages 67 and 65) and Arne Pedersen, foster barn (foster child), 8 years old.  The farm is home to 15 others (apparently unrelated to Gunild).  Arne’s father is not at the farm.  I think ‘foster’ is a euphemism for ‘illegitimate.’
        1807 Marriage: Records show that Gunilde Olsdatter Hellesetter married Peder Arnesen Bødal in 1807.  I believe that this Peder is the father of her illegitimate son, Arne, who was, by then, 14 years old.  Less than a year later Peder died.
        1809 Marriage: Another record says that the widow Gunilda Olsd. from Raudi farm married the widower Halsten Christophersen Murri in 1809.  The records show they had one child together.  I think this is our Gunild because Gunild’s mother Malena died 13 years later, in 1822, at Murrie farm.  Also, Gunild died at Muri farm.
        1845 Burial: Church records say that Gunnhild Olsd., from Muri farm, died in 1845 at age 80.
        What is the real story about the illegitimate kid?  There’s got to be a reason that Gunild had a child out of wedlock and then, 14 years later, married her child’s father, but I don’t know what it is. There are several dates to keep in mind, however:  1) Gunild and Peder got married 11 days after their son’s church confirmation.  2) Peder (the apparent father of the bastard Arne) died less than a year after marrying Gunild, the apparent mother of his illegitimate child.  And, 3) Gunild’s father died about two years after that wedding (and, then, less than a month after her father’s death, Gunild married her second husband).
        I have several theories:
    1)    Did the local preacher tell the teenager Arne (age 14) that he couldn’t be confirmed in the church unless his parents got married?  So, 11 days later, Arne’s parents got married, to make the preacher happy.  Or…
    2)    Did Peder Arnesen impregnate Gunild, but he refused to marry her, and then, 14 years later, when he got sick and knew he was going to die, he said, “OK, I know I’m dying and I’ll make our son legitimate.”  Or…
    3)    Maybe after Gunild got pregnant, she didn’t want to marry Peder, for some reason (maybe she got pregnant because he raped her).  Then (after 14 years) her child’s father, Peder, got sick and was going to die.  So she married him out of pity (or to give her son a name or an inheritance).  Or…
    4)    Maybe both Gunild and Peder wanted to marry, but for some reason, Gunild’s father objected to the marriage.  When her dad got sick, and knew that he was going to die, maybe he broke down and allowed his daughter Gunild to marry the love of her life.  So Gunild married Peder.  Then Gunild’s husband, Peder, died.  Then Gunild’s father, Ole, died.  Then Gunild married Halsten.  Or…
    5)    Maybe something else happened.  We know that Gunild got pregnant and gave birth to a son named Arne.  She called him Arne Pedersen and in the baptism records, she claimed the father was Peder Andersen (not Peder Arnesen) – was she lying or telling the truth?  A few months before the birth of Arne, there was a guy named Peder Andersen from the area who moved to America.  Maybe he was the real father.  What if he’s the one who got her pregnant and then he moved far away, to another country?  Maybe the move-to-America Peder said he would send her money to come to America, but he forgot about her and she waited and waited for fourteen years.  Then, later, a different Peder (Peder Arnesen) thought, what the hell, I’m dying and I’ll say I’m the father and everyone will be happy.

    We don’t know the real truth.  All we can do is speculate.  But don’t you think the stories are interesting?

    “If you misspell some words, it’s not plagiarism.” – Some Writer

    by Dbug on Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 09:14:13 PM PST

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