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  •  god help us? (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm sure in early 2005 plenty were saying "and god help the Democratic party if John Edwards or Hillary isn't the nominee."

    How'd that work out for us?

    •  Actually, I was of the opinion "God help the Dems" (0+ / 0-)

      "if Barack Obama isn't the nominee."

      In 2005, Sen. Hillary Clinton co-sponsored a bill banning flag burning. It's shit like that is the reason I and many others were turned off by "it's her turn".

      •  Bill Maher on Hillary and flag burning (1+ / 0-)
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        Dave the Rave

        and possible Dem candidates for 2008:

        When I see Hillary Clinton, who we've talked about many times, getting on the bandwagon with flag burning, this is exactly what I said to you about Hillary every time you asked me. I said, she is the worst of both worlds. Because she is, I said, she's going to do exactly this, tack to the center. And she will win nobody, because the right wing is not fooled by this. They see Hillary Clinton coming out against flag burning, and they throw up because they see that is an opportunist who doesn't really believe it, and the left wing looks at it and just throws up.

        You know, attack something that can't fight back. Video games. This kind of nonsense -- but the flag burning stuff, I'm telling you, Hillary Clinton's going to wind up with nobody, because both sides are going to be turned off by that.

        CALLER: Thank you, Larry. Great show. Bill, who are you really fired up about voting for president in 2008? Thank you.

        MAHER: Nobody! Thank you.

        KING: Nobody?

        MAHER: Well, you know what, I think the Democrats have some people. I mean, I like, you know, Biden. I like John Edwards. I like Wesley Clark. But again, they're going to have to come out and be the liberal progressive party. They can't go down the road that the last two elections have led to their disaster. They can't try to be just Republicans of a different name.

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