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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Max Baucus starts off in dicey shape, according to PPP (39 comments)

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    Christopher Walker, itskevin

    Baucus has never been popular, but he'a been about as lucky as any Senator in drawing weak opponents for reelection. His 2008 GOP opponent was a perennial candidate for office (under the Dem and Green labels) who was completely disavowed by the GOP and who ran to Baucus' left (!). His 2002 opponent withdrew from the race after Baucus backed groups ran an ad implying that he had been a gay hairdresser, and then reentered the race at the last minute. Polls at the time showed Racicot beating Baucus by 20 points if he had been substituted for the actual nominee. Baucus' only real race was in 1996, when he beat Rehberg with just 50% of the vote. Baucus' 1990 opponent was a joke as well if I recall. If Baucus would have run in 2010 he would have lost by a Blanche Lincolnesque margin.

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