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View Diary: Losing Friends: The Poison of Right-Wing Radio (180 comments)

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    I'm not going type it all over again, so I will refer you to my comment upthread:

    BoldlyLiberal on Zazzle: Products for proud and pragmatic progressives, liberals, tree-huggers, and loyal Democrats

    by jan4insight on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 10:18:22 PM PST

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      I could blatantly lie too to try to prove my case like you did.  I'm not going to though.  The fact is that the way the story is described by the diarist, if it is accurate, shows that believing without evidence is a common feature to both this woman's old and her new behaviors.  That's not re-interpretation of the story, that's just the raw fact that that was what was described.  Willingness to believe on faith is a common feature of the two groups in question, and it is a very useful mental trait for right wing radio to exploit in its victims.

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