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View Diary: Losing Friends: The Poison of Right-Wing Radio (180 comments)

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    "I recently heard a psychological researcher say that a verbal message, delivered in a tone of indignation, is more likely to be believed than the exact same words delivered in a neutral tone of voice."

    that's an interesting nugget to ponder.

     It applies to a few people i  know personally..especially the friend i mentioned in my post who is seeking fame in the 'spiritualist/astral travel whatever you call it' world.
    In person she is  indignant ,condescending, and elitist .  which initially  seemed an odd fit given  some of her content, (channeled visions of the universe, rescuing lost souls), though  on second thought  it is in complete alignment with the rest of it (AKA, I am enlightened and save people in the spirit world,   people who agree with me are enlightened, every one else is an unevolved idiot).

    Yet to people who 'follow' her ,  this indignant tone  must make them feel  like part of the elite, because they do lap it up.
    to me this is perhaps a milder, yet similar model as the Limbaugh model.

    Anytime the message involves  : you are a higher being, you are one of the chosen ones, you are of the superior race, we alone have the truth, you are better than the matter what the source...

    •  Is your friend for real? (0+ / 0-)

      Or a charlatan?

      I'm genuinely curious.

      •  short answer (0+ / 0-)

        Ever get into the clutches of a narcissist? I  don't recommend it.(i am not a psychologist and i use that term only  in an attempt  to describe my eventual understanding of what i was dealing with.)

        Do I think the person has special 'abilities' ? Abilities to craft a convincing persona ,and convincingly tell people what they want to hear? yes. Nuanced, Oscar winning performance , in fact.
        Otherwise, no.

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