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View Diary: Group calls for end of Arpaio recall. Ha Ha Ha! Threatens lawsuit. Ha Ha Ha! (89 comments)

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  •  Absolutely (13+ / 0-)

    It may be that Arizona progressives think this is just another exercise in democracy. It is, but Arpaio's minions will see it as subversion that must be crushed by any means necessary.

    This thing requires fortitude, dedication, ingenuity, and physical bravery. If a scuffle breaks out, our friends down there will have to call....Joe Arpaio's deputies? In the main, our police weren't corrupt when there was an incident in the Walker recall campaign. Arizona may have a different dynamic. I can see where signature gatherers, and not their assailants, are arrested. It could be ugly. Courage will be required, and I'm not sure if the folks down there fully realize that yet.

    The Bush Family: 0 for 4 in Wisconsin

    by Korkenzieher on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 06:30:47 AM PST

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    •  Oh, they fully realize what they're up against (12+ / 0-)

      This recall is being organized by the same people who successfully recalled Russell Pearce, and it is the next (hopefully final) battle in a long-running plan to remove Sherriff Arpaio since at least 2007-08.

      In fact it all started when one of the activists fighting his abusive practices, Randy Parraz, was arrested for speaking at a meeting, and Arpario's deputies accidentally detained someone else in the process, who turned out to be a conservative republican attorney, and who was shocked at the abusive behavior of the sheriff's department. He ultimately joined forces with the activists, lead by the illegally arrested Randy Parraz, to fight him and his entrenched systematic abuse and corruption.

      Here is a great article about the people working to remove Arpaio:

      "Show Us Your Papers" has inspired a new generation of progressives to challenge the state's backward leadership

      When Parraz and others spoke out at a Board of Supervisors meeting on Sept. 26, 2008, knowingly without the permission of the board chairman, they understood that the rules required a warning and then ejection from the meeting. After Parraz delivered a six-second appeal for the board to place the group’s concerns on the agenda for public consideration, he left the chambers.

      A moderate Republican attorney, [Chad] Snow had attended the meeting out of curiosity. Arpaio’s antics had perked up his ears; he felt the sheriff had evolved over the years into an increasingly corrupt self-promoter. Snow had never met Parraz; in fact, he could not have identified him in the room without someone’s help. Once the board meeting was adjourned, Snow rose to leave, but he found himself sandwiched between two sheriff deputies. “They grabbed me, grabbed my stuff,” Snow told me, leaning back in his chair at his Phoenix office, where he deals with workmen’s compensation suits. “They threw handcuffs on me, and I’m wondering, What the hell is going on?”

      Five minutes of confusion ensued. Snow asked why he was being detained, and if the two deputies knew he was an attorney. It wasn’t until a third deputy came down the hallway, looked at him, and announced, “Oh, that’s not him,” that Snow was released.

      These are the perils of being a tall, physically fit attorney in your 40s, with a fashionably clipped haircut. Although Snow may have some passing resemblance in profile to Parraz, they couldn’t have been more different in background.

      A lifelong Republican and subscriber to the Rush Limbaugh newsletter, Snow grew up in Glendale, Arizona, in a traditional Mormon family. “As I’m walking out the hallway,” Snow recalls, “I see Randy walking down in handcuffs.” Realizing he had been  mistakenly cuffed in a ploy to silence Parraz, the outraged Snow and his partner immediately hopped in their car, went down to the police station, and offered their legal services to the community organizer.

      Snow never looked back. As the conservative Republican to Parraz’s liberal Democrat, the two joined forces in a campaign that arguably owed its birth to Sheriff Joe’s excessive actions.

      They went after Pearce without any support from the AZ Dem Party:
      Citing “insurmountable odds,” the Democratic Party leadership and established media gave Parraz and his Citizens for a Better Arizona hardly any support or a sporting chance to take down the most powerful politician in Arizona. They didn’t realize Parraz had done his homework. With the Republican Party increasingly in disarray, he saw that the Tea Party’s grip on the conservative ranks was slipping; his early canvass teams reported back the surprising discovery that one out of every three or four voters in the district didn’t even know Pearce.

      “It takes a lot of work,” Parraz admonished, especially to assemble a bipartisan effort. “What issue will drive them? How do you engage people in the act of politics? How do you create opportunities for people to act on their values?”

      These people know exactly what they are up against. Randy has been arrested by Arpaio and his henchmen numerous times already, and many of the petition gatherers have done this before, and subjected to every effort to suppress activism against the abusive policies and politicians in Arizona. This is a long-running fight, it's been heating up in recent years, and this is the time. Goodbye Sheriff Joe, and good riddance.

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