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View Diary: Action Alert! MO HB-179 Permitting ID in Science Classes (28 comments)

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  •  agree with you here and understand why (2+ / 0-)
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    Joieau, RiveroftheWest

    you wrote the diary I commented in...

    One of the most disturbing 'victories' of fundamentalism in recent years is that they have successfully managed to shape the narrative of scientific enquiry as a conflict between science and religion...  This is , of course, absolute nonsense and as you suggest, there are may aspects that can be questioned in and of themselves in any scientific theory and even law.

    It's a bit like global warming--the anti-warming movement has managed to create this stupid polemic between Is warming REAL or is it a POLITICAL STUNT??

    That's not the issue..the issue should be the science behind warming, how it works, how bad is it, is it reversible, etc...

    Unfortunately, as we see even on DKos, the religious nuts have done a great deal to shape the discourse.  That's why I recommended your diary--although I don't agree with some of the premises in it.

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      bevenro, RiveroftheWest

      I don't know really what my point is, given that I do understand the objections in regards to evolutionary science teaching. Perhaps it has to do with my experience of teaching science in general, over three generations (my education, my children's, and my grandchildren's). Doesn't seem to have gotten a whole lot better than it ever was. I had good teachers and lousy teachers. That's probably true of everyone. And for all the encouragement of the good teachers, it seems like there were two who discouraged thinking of any variety. Hell, one of my lousy science teachers was the track coach, had a degree in phys-ed. Gave us textbooks in psychology written in the mid-1940s, told us never to ask questions.

      There have always been kids in public schools who don't grok science of any variety, and some who stick to their ignorant religious guns no matter what they're taught. They spend their whole lives believing garbage, and it never adversely affects their ability to get by as humans in this world. What's it really worth? Most high school graduates in this country can't read a map and can't name all three North American nations. Much less balance a checkbook or diagram a simple sentence. People take what they need, disregard the rest. It has always been thus.

      So I just thought about how badly-written legislation from religious bigots trying not to get slammed by the courts just might end up encouraging the thing they hate most - critical thinking.

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