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View Diary: You Can’t Wash Away Fracking’s Effects (31 comments)

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  •  You ask, these jobs are non-union, so what? (16+ / 0-)

    So what? If these jobs were unionized, Jose might have been given a respirator. And training on how to use it. And if more blue collar work were unionized, if workers had some leverage in this country, employers might have to figure out safer ways to do things, and the other jobs he did might not have poisoned him, either.
    The only reason we have an OSHA, or such a thing as a Material Safety Data Sheet, is because unions fought for them. A lot of chemicals are regulated because unions long ago brought attention to the connection between exposure to them and cancer and other diseases (see Rubber Workers and benzene).
    Some work is always going to be hard and dirty. But if blue collar work in this country was unionized, Jose and his brothers and sisters might not have to make a choice between being jobless and taking a job that kills them.

    I can't speak for the author of this diary, but I want better conditions for workers. And I want to stop hydrofracking. I don't think it's a good deal to trade a few short-term jobs for permanent disruption and poisoning of our communities, land, and water. We need to be looking for other ways to provide decent jobs.

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