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  •  If the other Jose Laras have Internet, that's OK, (1+ / 0-)
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    but how many of them don't?

    Subversion is good, but demolishing the expendable-worker employment scenarios requires more than subversion.

    •  It is important to remind people that they can get (1+ / 0-)
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      an internet connection through their public library for free, and many public libraries also have Wifi.

      People ask me for bits of research on and off, and I do it for them, especially stuff like this. It's important to be that person, if you know people who need a bit of help getting onto the internet and using it as it was meant to be used--a massive information library so that citizens can remain informed without having to necessarily alert the powers that be, what they are looking for or why.

      This is an important lesson to pass on.

      It's also very, very important for people who work in dangerous jobs to keep a journal, privately at home. Hand written. Recording the stuff they work with and when. That makes it easier to research the material online AND [and I cannot stress this enough] they could build a viable timeline to give their doctor in the future, should they fall ill, and they have something to show to their lawyer.

      sometimes lowtech is best. It cannot be hacked.  

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