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View Diary: Halve meat consumption, scientists urge rich world (51 comments)

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  •  I...need a certain amount of protein and beans (0+ / 0-)

    don't really cut it(hehe). I've gone off red meat for years.
    I drink 1 gallon of milk a week(15 grams per day), eat 4 eggs a week(30 grams per day), some cheese and eat a small amount of chicken/turkey day--maybe 70 grams per day(26 kg per year). That's a total of 105 grams of animal protein.
    Google says average american eats 85 kg of meat per year and I am at about 40 kg of all animal protein.
    I read somewhere you can be healthy on 50 grams of protein per day. I know if I don't eat a certain amount of protein I don't feel well. Most soy products are ridiculously expensive. I would guess most soybeans go into animal feed.
    I agree that less meat is a good thing but I find the choices
    limited (by cost).

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