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    In 1965., the first American Indian Performing Arts Festival was held in Washington, D.C. The festival had two component parts: (1) a performing arts program, and (2) an Indian arts and crafts exhibition. The exhibit of Indian art, held at the Department of the Interior’s art gallery, included both older objects on loan from museums and collections throughout the United States and recent works by students at the Institute of American Indian Arts. The performing arts program was written and directed by Cherokee artist Lloyd Kiva New.

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      in Santa Fe.  Wonderful exhibits, and artist exchange programs with indigenous people from around the world: the Americas, Oceania, Alaska, Africa, Asia.  We visit every time we go to Santa Fe, because there is ALWAYS an interesting exhibit, plus the permanent collection of sculptures, etc.  We have bought some beautiful pieces in the shop by extraordinary artists.

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      The great and generous dancer/choreographer Rosalie Jones / Daystar (Pembina, Blackfoot)  (author of Inventing Native Modern Dance) helped organize the DC performances.  She has been very helpful with information on the IAIA drama program for the Soleri Amphitheater history project.  Thank you, Ojibwa, for bringing up Indian arts in the southwest.  Hopi artist Charles Loloma was another force behind the IAIA and the Soleri Amphitheater.  As was Rolland Meinholtz (Cherokee).

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