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  •  My appreciation of pro wrestling... (8+ / 0-)

    ...seems to roughly mirror yours.  I started watching in the late seventies and drifted away from it when the whole "Rock & Wrestling" business took over.  What ruined it for me was, I think, the influx of money.  When I started watching the WWF, it was an hour that ran at midnight Saturday, and I think it was taped at a gym somewhere in Pennsylvania and you had Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson doing the commentary, and the production values were pretty much high-school drama club level.  It was quite entertaining, probably not always in the way they intended it to be.  I even attended a few shows around that time, but it was already starting to get too slick for my taste.  I did get to see a future governor in a tag team match, though.

    I also remember watching Lucha Libre on one of the Spanish language channels around that time.  They did some stuff there that put the WWF to shame.  Utterly bizarre.

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