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View Diary: I feel sorry for health insurance companies. Yes, I said that. Why? This Time report must be read. (228 comments)

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  •  And then there is also the problem for many of (1+ / 0-)
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    physicians not accepting Medicare patients.  What is the cause of that and what do we do about that?

    •  Hospitals like to lie and say they don't get paid (1+ / 0-)
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      enough by Medicare to see patients -- totally not true.

    •  A couple of years ago, (0+ / 0-)

      I looked into this very question, akmk.  I had always heard that large numbers of physicians did not accept Medicare, yet everyone I knew who had Medicare had no problem finding a physician.  A member of my family was making a decision about Medicare, so I promised him I would find some numbers about how many physicians accept Medicare.  I found that NCHS does a survey every year, and every year, they conclude that 86 to 88% of doctors accept Medicare for new patients.  I think the concern about doctors not accepting Medicare may have been exaggerated.  Does anyone else know of any actual statistics about this?  Not individual stories, but statistics from serious studies.

      •  I live in a rural community. We have one medical (0+ / 0-)

        clinic (that is run through Indian Health) and beyond that two private doctors, neither of which accepts Medicare.  It's also known to be a huge problem in Anchorage.

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