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View Diary: I feel sorry for health insurance companies. Yes, I said that. Why? This Time report must be read. (228 comments)

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    Had the health insurers not been ideologically committed to the free market health care system, they could have come out of a single payer system with little harm to their bottom lines, and a much better regulatory environment to operate in.
    single payer would have made a hufe dent in bottom lines and the last thing they want is a functioning regulatory environment - their brand of ongoing disaster capitalism requires a Wild West approach.
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      the Wild West approach is ideologic.  It's not sustainable because there is only so much wealth they can extract from the economy.  The CEOs take a nice chunk for themselves, but most of it is pissed away.  Disaster capitalism is not sustainable.

      So I stand by my argument that "they made the wrong decision" but it's not some lapse in judgment on their part.  It's a fundamentally reactionary view of the world combined with one of the most effective political patronage machines ever conceived.  Don't think of it as some kind of textbook profit maximizing engine, but as a machine that consumes all the resources it can get at.

    •  Wait a second, asdf, I think he has something -- (0+ / 0-)

      there's no reason that Aetna, Cigna, WellPoint et al. couldn't have been contracted to deal with regional variations of America's new Medicare For All system. Yes, they would have lost big commercial insurance accounts, but they still could have made a ton of money coordinating care and all that bullshit...whatever that means.

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