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  •  If you allow the hospital to dispense (2+ / 0-)
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    anana, Sychotic1

    your home meds, it should not be a problem (I have written this order many times). HOWEVER, hospitals cannot allow patients to take home meds without their knowledge and by dispensing them themselves. As a treating physician, I need to be able to check the MAR to know exactly what a patient has gotten and when in the case of an emergency. As has been mentioned it's also a liability issue of course.

    I have on at least two occasions been faced with an unconscious patient I was covering at 2am who I was told "took something from home" but of course no one knew what it was.  In one case it turned out to be a medication that prolongs the QT interval and the patient was being hospitalized with a new onset arrythmia-- I only figured it out when we were pulling the covers off the patient and a pill bottle fell out of the bed. Pretty dangerous.

    Lots of other meds can unexpectedly raise or lower absorption/blood leves/metabolism of new meds and such.

    Really, there are good reasons for the hospital to control the meds of its inpatients. Not everything is a conspiracy.

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