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View Diary: GOP Senators Urge Obama To Drop Hagel Nomination (26 comments)

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  •  This INFURIATES me. (2+ / 0-)
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    AnnieR, Tinfoil Hat

    PBO won the election decisively.  He gets the Cabinet and advisors that share his vision.  It is unconscionable to be forced by the minority to choose someone that they would choose as if they hadn't decisively lost the election.  

    There are true dangers to the country that should be vigorously questioned -- a few Bush nominees come to mind.  Hagel is a moderate choice who will serve the country and the President.  This absurdity that Lindsey Graham gets to force PBO to pick someone RWNJ's would pick is outrageous.  

    I can hear the reasoning now if, God forbid, these nutjobs ever get the Presidency:  "Well, we forced Dem's to do our bidding when we were the minority, that means they have to STFU and completely do our bidding now that we're in the majority."  

    I loathe them, loathe them all with a burning, purple passion.  

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