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View Diary: Tim Tebow cancels appearance at anti-everything church (187 comments)

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    Eric K, nota bene, ChurchofBruce

    A nice guy doesn't publicly align himself with an organization founded by a man who advocates whipping toddlers, when the organization hasn't repudiated everything the founder said.

    A nice guy doesn't do a harmless-looking bait-and-switch ad directing people to the website of that organization, where where people can learn that a woman should reject abortion, even if her doctor says it will kill her.  I'm a woman, so I have first-hand knowledge of this:  I'm a human being, not a disposable incubator.

    This is not a nice guy.

    And I keep seeing people suggesting that maybe he didn't know what this pastor is all about.  Why is it so hard to believe that an evangelical Christian would agree with this church?  

    BTW, this is from Tebow's father's ministry, before it got scrubbed:

    Looks to me like Tebow was raised and homeschooled by crackpots.

    I think he's a hateful little bastard with a good media team.  (I mean, come on -- was the last time a backup QB got a profile and photo shoot in Vogue?)  I don't buy his aw-shucks BS for one second.  He knows exactly what he's doing.  I think he's just ramping up the Christian preaching even more now because even he's starting to think that maybe his NFL career is really over.

    (I'm not sure it's clear that I'm not aiming venom at you.  I just can't stand this guy.  I hope it doesn't seem like I'm attacking you personally.)

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