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View Diary: Three quarters of Americans are not Republicans (109 comments)

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  •  70% of Americans aren't Democrats, and moving (3+ / 0-)
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    bobswern, Faito, BentLiberal

    toward democrats from the right still leaves one as a right-winger.

    So, sure, "moving toward Democratic" may mean "moving left," but there is a bunch of other context that makes that seem much less impressive and significant than it really is. We're starting from a position where Democrats are (just barely, in some cases) "not batshit insane right-wingers", not from a position where Democrats are actually on the left.

    This article is the kind of horse-race-hyperfocus ridiculousness that is more likely to cause "independents" to tune out, and just further convince the apathetic that their apathy is well-founded.

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