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  •  reading the text of MO HB 179 in full, (3+ / 0-)
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    Catte Nappe, marina, Joieau

    You 're missing some key points (and underhandedness)

    What's in there is the basis of scientific education anyway.  Except for one thing--

    Why single out 'evolution'?  You can find scientific debate (I won't say 'controversy' in all sciences.  The  point of this bill is to weaken the standing of evolutionary theory without expressly stating 'intelligent design'.  It's is plain as day.  Otherwise there would be no need for the bill.

    Also, why this line:  The provisions of the bill must not be construed as promoting any doctrine or discriminating for or against any belief?  What does belief have to do with a science class anyway?  Why would/should science discriminate against any belief systems?  It doesn't go there--it presents and evaluates data/evidence.  Outside of that, you're free to believe anything you want.  

    So while the bill is cleverly worded, it's no less obvious what it is trying to do.

    •  What happens when a student presents a paper (0+ / 0-)

      claiming we are are the products of genetic engineering by space aliens and then brings a tape of Ancient Aliens to class?

      Do they still get an A? Or is that an automatic burning at the stake?

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