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View Diary: Indiana would like to be the next state to transvaginally rape you. Twice. For your own good. (176 comments)

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    The preservation of democracy in this country requires the elimination of Republican officials at all levels of our body politic. While they are always first to drape themselves in the flag and the constitution, they have no respect for the people or the democratic process.
    Indianapolis Mayor Ballard tries to subvert the law to regain control of the City Council by illegally redistricting by the lame duck Republican council. While the courts should reverse this effort, the fact that the courts have to intervene displays that we have elected illegitimate officials who will do anything for the sake of gaining power. The mayor runs for reelection on holding down property taxes and then tries to eliminate the household exemption to raise those taxes. Their power play is not over, as a new effort is being made with the cooperation of Republican Indiana legislators to change the law to eliminate the at large council seats that are controlled by Democrats. If you cannot win fairly at the polls, subvert the process. Do you notice a pattern?  
    We have seen the same type of activity in all states controlled by Republicans. Consistent efforts to suppress the Democratic vote with voter ID laws and inadequate polling locations in Democratic leaning districts  requiring citizens to stand in line for six hours or more just to vote. Gerrymandering of state and federal legislative districts has created the situation where more people voted for Democrat U.S House candidates than Republican candidates but the Republicans still control the U.S. House.  
    After losing the last Presidential election, the current Republican strategy is to avoid expressing their unpopular views (The Mike Pence strategy that got him elected governor) and change the delegation of electoral  college votes. Election laws are not there to be twisted for short-term political gain, they are there to assure that the will of the people is realized and that is increasingly not the case.  
    The sad thing is that the people can put an end to this, but most are uninformed and do not even vote. The Republican party loves low voter turnout because it allows their fear filled Rush Limbaugh and Fox News viewers to exercise more sway than they should and that combined with subversion of the system keeps them in power to look after the interests of their financial benefactors who are looking for ways to suppress wages and provide them with favorable tax and regulatory treatment.
    In Indiana they have already weakened unions, entered into a sweetheart deal for coal producers at the expense of natural gas customers and are currently attacking teachers unions because they are seen to have engineered the defeat of Tony Bennett as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Just to make sure the will of the people is not realized, they are now stripping the new Superintendent of her official duties. These people only display disdain for the democratic process and lust for power. They must be driven out of office- every single one.  

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