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  •  Republican children should go first (4.00)
    They voted to keep Bush.  They feel this is a just war.  They think we're big and bad, so they should volunteer their own children.  Put their money where their mouth is.

    I'm afraid I don't have a 19-month old.  My son is much closer, and I am very afraid.

    •  Singing (4.00)
      to the amen choir. If they voted for this fucking idiot, then they and/or their offspring should be
       driving unprotectected humves in Iraq. Bet they won't think so much of this asshole then
    •  There won't be a draft-Not the old kind (none)
      They may need a draft, but Congress will never let it happen unless they want to go out and get real jobs after '06.

      Opinion: What they will do, as they have done so many times before, is change and break the rules for those who are serving. No time limits for overseas deployment for Reserves and Guard. IRR will be extended indefinitely. People who who were discharged 20 years ago will find a telegram on their doorstep.

      There's still many who have been brainwashed into thinking this is WW3 and Iraq is one battle in a massive war. That's why they love it. So my guess it will be a indefinite enlistment like WW2 (even though there was a draft then). It's will be a cold quantitative calculation of pissing off the smallest part of their base. Most of that loss will be NCOs and below as wartime is best for the Officer corp in terms of promotion and opportunity and they traditionally vote Republican. Minor loss.

      I suspect it will happen in 2006 in January. Then the rest of the year will be spent on wedge and diversionary issues that will bring in new single issue voters and keep the base excited to turn out.

      They will raise a massive amount of money from Oil Big Pharma and Dobson's Wingnuts. Probably 6:1 over the Dems, unless some miracle happens and we get organized  before.

      They are already way ahead in the money race. They'll pass a few more tax cuts for the wealthy and squeamish and unless I'm totally full of shit, the 06 election will be status quo.

      No change in power.

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      by Dburn on Thu Jun 02, 2005 at 10:55:03 PM PDT

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