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  •  Glad you keep pointing this out (4.00)
    In 3 or 6 months, the Chimp and his goons will start yet another PR campaign about the "touch choice" we face in regards to Iraq: a draft or cut/run.

    And media whore bobbleheads will nod in shocked machine-like approval while exclaiming what a great leader the feral monkeyman preznit must be to bring this shocking and previously undisclosed news to the American people.

    At the time, we will need to point out quite clearly:

    We told you this was coming and you didn't believe us. We told you so.

    It's coming, folks. It's coming.

    I did not receive $ from Ketchum, U.S. Department of Ed or HHS to write this---though I wish I had.

    by Volvo Liberal on Thu Jun 02, 2005 at 09:47:49 PM PDT

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