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  •  bush poster boy turns.... (4.00)

    amazing it all

    Ex-army leader recalls pre-war speech
    President Bush pinned the speech on his Oval Office wall
    COLONEL TIM COLLINS: Yes. My concern is ultimately that no-one has sat down and explained to the population here in the United Kingdom - or indeed anywhere that I know of - what this war is about, where it begins and where it ends, when we know we're going to be winning and when we expect it to end. It seems to be a war without any front, back or sides....
    TIM COLLINS: Having served in Iraq and having seen Iraq shortly after the invasion happened, it was clear to me and even when I asked, "What is the plan for rebuilding Iraq? "How should we set about setting these people back on their feet?" The answer is, "There is no plan. Make it up as you go along." We made it up as best we could. I think it behoved the Western alliance to have had some form of plan to re-establish Iraq, put it back on its feet, after we'd taken away Saddam's regime and one must be left with the conclusion either there was no plan because of incompetence or there is no plan because of malice. I don't know which one it is and I think history will judge harshly looking at the state of Iraq now.

    •  Lack of planning begs the questions (none)
      So Bushco has been jonesing for the Iraq war since 2000 and was plotting and planning the thing for over 2 years and they managed to leave out any post conflict reconstruction?

      Is incompetence a high crime and misdemeanor?

      Tyranny goes with poverty;it's cheaper than democracy. (Larry Niven)

      by Fabian on Fri Jun 03, 2005 at 01:23:45 AM PDT

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