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  •  The economic draft... (4.00)
    The military is/was often full of desperate people.  There are young people coming out of high school all over this country that have no prospects for a job or a future in any business.  They feel they have little or no financial choice but to sign up for military service.  The training they will get in the service and the hope for further education when they get out of the service is a powerful incentive.  

    Do you remember when you were 18? could not believe that there was any way that you could die...the kids today are no different.  

    Part of the "drill" in the present administration is to widen the gulf between the rich and the poor.  It is the poor kids that will join the military forces...they will become the renewable cadre that will go, fight and die...even though they (in their heart of hearts) cannot believe that death will ever happen to them.  

    If you have to them.  There are things worth laying your life on the line for...there are things that are not. name is Trinityfly and I am addicted to blogs.

    by trinityfly on Thu Jun 02, 2005 at 10:31:16 PM PDT

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