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    Laudible?  Perhaps not.  However, if you don't think a war is just(or practical, or needed, or whatever), then there's far less moral and intellectual pressure upon you to put yourself in the line of fire.

    It's understandable that questions such as 'Why aren't you in Iraq if you're so gung-ho?' make many people, even people who oppose the war, uncomftorable.  Each of us may be able to think of a conflict that we thought was reasonable, yet would not have wished to participate in or even actively avoided.  This does not, however, make it unreasonable or ridiculous.  People should absolutely be made to be uncomftorable at the prospect of sending young men and women off to die, as well as kill, in a cause that they themselves do not believe is worth their blood or that of their loved ones.  And in a war like that in Iraq, which is largely fought and will continued to be fought by relatively poor and politically uninfluencial portion of our society, a war in which the threat of personal sacrifice is far removed from the pundits and policy makers and crucial blocs of support, it is all the more essential to keep asking the uncomftorable questions to personalize a war that to so many is  all yellow ribbins, soundbites and, most of all, someone else's war.

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