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  •  From another period... (none)
    a force attrited to the point of uselessness:

    The War of the Grande Armée vs. Sixth Coalition (Russia, the Battle of Nations & the Invasion of France)

    Napoleon's Grande Armée for the 1812 Russian Campaign, started with:

        *  Around 300,000 Frenchmen, Belgians and Dutchmen.
        * 95,000 Poles
        * 25,000 Italians
        * 24,000 Bavarians
        * 20,000 Saxons
        * 17,000 Westphalians
        * 20,000 Prussians
        * 35,000 Austrians
        * 15,000 Swiss
        * 3,500 Croatians

    Reduced to ~100,000 little over a year later...

    "But then I viddied that thinking is for the gloopy ones and the oomny ones use, like, inspiration and what Bog sends." -- Alex de Large

    by rgilly on Fri Jun 03, 2005 at 12:55:59 AM PDT

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