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    This discussion has crystalized something that's been on my mind for almost a year.  Pardon me if this is a bit of a ramble.

    My husband is English and because of that I've spent the bulk of the last 5 summers traveling in Britain.  What I've found there is that in virtual every villiage green or every town or city of any size there's a huge memorial to the fallen of the first WW.  (Usually with names from the second added as well.)  The size of the losses always staggered me.

    Last summer though, we went to Eton and again I started reading the memorials to both world wars.  What I realized as I read the hundreds of names of Eton alums killed was that these were wars where the elite suffered at least the same losses as the poor and working classes.  It crystalized to me what's been wrong with our military policy in this war as in Vietnam and why our leaders (US and UK) would feel they could send our troops to fight in a war so many believe we had no business starting.

    It's because, of course, they no longer have to convince the elite or much of the middle class to send their own children.  Huge portions of America know no one personally who's in harms way or has a child in harms way.  While our lower classes all seem to either have someone themselves or know someone serving.  

    There's something deeply wrong with this.  

    How can a President (or Prime Minister for that matter) send someone else's children to fight a war in which they apparently can't even convince their own children to enlist and fight?

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