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    Personally I've always found it to be sickening that those who push for war the hardest ('carthago delenda est') are those who have the least first-hand experience with it, and those who are the most unlikely to end up in it. The idea here is that if those people really knew what they were advocating, they'd be a lot more subdued about it--once people start dying, it stops looking so much like an innocent position on foreign policy, and more like shouting fire in a crowded theater. My proposal for the draft is that those (and only those) in favor of having a draft should be signed up for it immediately.

    For example, for those who thought storming Fallujah was a great idea, maybe that's because they didn't have to see the consequences.  Because they weren't there. Believe me, that's not what the media is reporting, it's not what the military is out there telling people, and it dosn't even enter into the consciousnesses of the rabidly pro-war bloggers.

    But how is that? Aren't bloggers informed? Don't they read the news? Well it doesn't help when the newspapers report what the military says, and don't do any further research. It doesn't help when the President of the United States either ignores or suppresses human rights groups, or--when that doesn't work--calls them "absurd", with no proof.

    However, bloggers don't just read newspapers, they read blogs; they scour the internet for facts, for alternative sources of information. But far too many despicable war-hawk right-wing bloggers discount all the 'liberal' facts they may inadvertently encounter, and just go right back to shilling for the war, trying to convince others that it's a right and just cause, while ignoring any information to the contrary. Maybe if he went to war, he'd find out the truth--maybe then, he couldn't ignore it anymore--maybe then, he'd learn some humility, some honesty, some integrity, some basic human decency. This isn't some video game--people are dying.

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